Government of Montenegro adopts project initiated at SEECOM2014 conference

Podgorica, 9 November 2014 – The Montenegrin Government has officially endorsed the project entitled “Public Administration Tailored to Needs of Citizens and Businesses”, introducing an online platform for citizens, businesses, civil society organisations and public authorities to discuss ways to cut red tape in local and central administration.

The project was initiated at SEECOM2014 conference in Budva, Montenegro on 27 September 2014, by conveying the UK government’s experience of developing and managing the Red Tape Challenge initiative.

“This will be a way for civil society and public sector to work together to formulate public policies and the whole project will be managed by members of the civil society,” Bojana Boskovic, director general for business environment at the Finance Ministry of Montenegro, told the press after the Cabinet meeting on Thursday.

By facilitating the transfer of UK’s Red Tape Challenge experience and helping introduce a similar initiative in Montenegro, the SEECOM2014 conference showed that international exchange of effective public communication practices is capable of creating new social and economic value in South East Europe.