SEECOM is an international non-for-profit professional association, based in Budva, Montenegro, which seeks to promote the highest ethical and professional standards of public sector communications and good governance through professional exchange between public sector communicators in South Eastern Europe.

Its members include directors of government communications offices, communications advisers to heads of government, government spokespersons and other senior public sector communicators in 13 countries of South East Europe.

SEECOM’s credo is that effective communication with citizens helps governments create better policies, ones that are more attuned to people’s actual needs, expectations or concerns.

SEECOM’s founding values are enshrined in the Budva Declaration, Europe’s first transnational declaration of core professional and ethical principles of government communication, adopted by a group of senior government communication officials of South East Europe at a conference in Budva, Montenegro, in September 2012.

SEECOM’s mission is to advance:

  •  professional development, exchange and networking
  • citizen engagement and participation in public policies
  • partnership with non-governmental actors, first and foremost media and civil society organizations
  • good governance through transparency, accountability and free and easy access to public information
  • internal communication in public sector
  • professional standards, values and ethics of public sector communication
  • use of innovation and new technology in public sector communication




SEECOM cooperates closely with
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Media Programme for South East Europe,
Regional Cooperation Council
and United Nations Development Programme in Montenegro,
whose representatives sit in SEECOM’s Steering Committee.